Differentiate & Innovate

05-frames-134x134It is necessary to rethink and reframe the trend landscape … Today is not so much, what’s new … but, what’s important.”


“I think you can have moderate success by copying something else, but if you really want to knock it out of the park, you have to do something different and take chances.”… Lee Ann Womack

How is your product/brand different, distinctive, exclusive?

How does your product/brand stand out from the competition?

In a sea of sameness, does your product/brand stand out?

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it’s all about well-designed products/brands and collections that give companies their distinctive and competitive edge. Re-inventing basics with updated design, technology and features… Adding newness, freshness and interjecting something special, something cool or something that will excite and delight your consumer.

New products/brands today must address your consumer’s needs and desires by embracing key lifestyle trends that are on top of every consumer’s mind today.

How will your product/brand enrich and add to your consumer’s life… will it add value to their lives and their homes… will it add convenience, comfort, safety, well-being, or just add a much needed element of delight?

Providing your consumers with compelling reasons to purchase your products/brands is paramount to success today. Designing products that will re-invent basics with updated design, technology, and features will give your consumers new reasons to re-purchase and replace something they already own.

Having a powerful inside track on key lifestyles as well as key design trends is the secret weapon in successful long-tern planning, design and product development. Having the right mix and balance of trend-right design and lifestyle insights take the guesswork out of the equation and add an element of research, facts and confidence to the process that balance the risk. Risk in today’s marketplace is inevitable, balanced and calculated risk is essential to success and growth.


Innovation is the essential ingredient in differentiation.

Innovation and technology are working overtime to meet the demands of today’s consumer-centric marketplace by embracing key consumer concerns and issues. The expectation of today’s consumer is that products will out-perform their expectations, be aesthetically pleasing and will also surprise and delight them.

Creative and thoughtful design that works seamlessly to create this perfect balance of form and function continues to drive newness, energy and enthusiasm in today’s marketplace… adding the wow factor… the creative spark!

Creative innovation is added through a variety of trend-right elements and product attributes:

  • Technology
  • Product functions and features
  • Color
  • Shape – Silhouette
  • Finish
  • Materials and the creative mixing of materials
  • Pattern

Blending the right balance of trend-right attributes with the appropriate directional consumer trends will ensure successful product/brand planning, design and development.

Innovation challenges traditional thinking and ways of doing business… the world has changed and to be successful and generate growth we must change with it… we must refocus and be innovative in our thinking and manner of doing business.

Refresh & Rejuvenate HOME is skilled at thinking outside the box and developing strategies and solutions that address immediate needs, objectives and goals while positioning companies for future growth and opportunities… Making current trends relatable to your business, and lending a fresh perspective and creative solutions.

The top 7 compelling benefits of working with a trend forecasting company:

  1. Differentiation – stand out from your competition
  2. Innovation – excite, motivate and delight your consumer
  3. The right product at the right time – become a valuable resource to your consumer
  4. Focus – Have a powerful and compelling point-of-view
  5. Cohesiveness – generate cross category synergies
  6. Reduce Risk – with trend-right research and analysis
  7. Proactive Planning – an inside tract on what will be on trend and important to your consumer 12 – 18 months in the future

Refresh & Rejuvenate HOME excels in our ability to tailor programs and services catered to our client’s needs, initiatives and objectives. Creating strong connections with our clients and offering realistic, actionable and authentic solutions.

“It is necessary to rethink and reframe the trend landscape … Today is not so much, what’s new … but, what’s important.”… unknown